The House of Fibre, together with Mohair South Africa and Hoër Landbouskool Marlow, hosted a very successful Mohair Training course from the 27th – 29th July 2021 in Cradock, Eastern Cape.

The course, which is conducted twice a year, was facilitated by The House of Fibre’s Field and Technical team, comprising of Gary Willows, a senior field officer, as well as Elrin Davids, Mohair Technical Officer from the warehouse in Port Elizabeth. They were assisted by Riano Greyling, Mohair South Africa’s Technical Officer.
The course had a total of 41 young attendees. They were trained on understanding the standards of mohair sorting, management of Angora Goats, the classing of mohair, as well as judging the animals. After completion of the course, the students were thoroughly tested.

The House of Fibre sees a bright future in the Mohair and Fibre Industry and prides itself in taking an active and participative role in grooming the future generation on how to handle this noble fibre, and the animals that produce it.

The average prices of the auction stood as follows:

Rams Average Price- R 16 580 (Record Angora Auction Average)

Stud Rams Avg. Price- R 37 600

Select Flock Rams Avg. Price- R 24 000

Flock Rams Avg. Price- R 13 000

Young ewe Avg. Price- R 3 900

The Van Hasselt’s must be gratulated with this first time ever quality offering of stud and flock rams and ewes. Their stud is well known for their performance, and the clip won the International Miyuki reward for the best mohair clip in the world for the past 5 years consecutively. This auction was really a unique opportunity to get the best genetics in the world, and the prices were proof of that fact! A big thank you to all the farmers, and the best of luck to all those who bought stock at the auction’, said Pierre Van der Vyver, The House of Fibre General Manager

Picture from Left to Right: Gary Hobson (Buyer- Thorn Park Angora Stud), Roche Jongkind (The House of Fibre), Neil Quale (Seller- Hobson Pastoral Angora Stud), Richard Hobson (Buyer- Jackson Angora Stud), Jordi Van Hasselt (Seller- Van Hasselt Angora Stud), Cassie Carstens (The House of Fibre), Jakkie Nel (Auctioneer)