With less than a year in the mohair industry, The House of Fibre is already breaking barriers and setting new boundaries. In an auction held on the 03 March 2020, The House of Fibre was able to broker a world- record price of R625 /kg for a 24.8-micron winter kid bale with super style and length, belonging to Mr Weebert Truter from Oudtshoorn, breaking the 5-year long world record price of R601.00 /kg placed by Frans and Louw Retief.

The victory had not ended for The House of Fibre, as a second World record was broken by Fanie Marx Familie Trust, from Aberdeen, after his 27.6-micron Winter Young Goat bale with a clean yield of 83.6%, which sold as an adult bale, sold for R440.10/kg.

In response to the news, Mr Truter said; ‘I’m very honoured to have received such a good price, and I’m proud of the good work done by The House of Fibre to make sure farmers receive exceptional prices for their mohair.’ The House of Fibre General Manager, Pierre Van der Vyver, expressed his gratitude to the farmers who continue to produce under such harsh drought conditions, stating that ‘It is only a blessing from God that the farmers continue to do such wonderful work even when times are tough in Agriculture.

Pictured (L to R): Vusumzi Sambokwe (Auctioneer), Weebert Truter(Seller), Matthew Fox(Senior Manager), and Pierre Van der Vyver (General Manager)