The Mohair industry continues to thrive in excellence despite concerns of the coronavirus affecting the global economy. Although the mohair markets dropped by an average of 5% on this weeks sale, the clip average is at R 270.29/kg. The previous auction experienced a 12% market increase. The industry continues to remain hopeful that the effect of the Coronavirus situation can be controlled. There is fear from overseas clients that exports will be under pressure with SA harbours been closed.
The House of Fibre managed to leave the Wool & Mohair Exchange with the highest price for the day, a good- style, B- length 24 micron summer kid bale with a clean yield of 90.8%, which sold for  R601.00/kg, equaling the current seasonal record price. This bale was bought by a local processor.
In response to the news, Mr van der Merwe said; ‘Farming under such tough drought conditions, really tests a farmer, and his ability to survive the drought, and still being able to produce quality. This shows that during tough times, you just have to carry on. This is how dedicated mohair farmers are to the livelihood of their goats and farms.’ The House of Fibre General Manager, Pierre Van der Vyver, expressed his appreciation to the farmers for their undivided commitment, even under such harsh drought conditions, stating that ‘producing such high quality mohair is not as simple as it may seem, and producing under such conditions is even more phenomenal.’

Pictured (L to R): Vusumzi Sambokwe (Auctioneer), Roelfie Van der Merwe Jnr(Seller), and Pierre Van der Vyver (General Manager)

Compiled by:
Sandile Nzuza
Mohair Technical Officer